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Christopher Nelson

Chris is a total power house, he encompasses incredible speed, endurance and power. His deep knowledge of classic rock never ceases to amaze me. He has been studying with me for about 4 years and has been working through my curriculum of technique, reading, rudiments, grooves and 4 way independence. Here Chris challenges himself with Living Colour's "Cult of Personality"


Faiz Haque

Faiz is very determined young musician. He displays deep dedication to music. Faiz has been studying with me for about 3 years and has been working through my curriculum of jazz, rock, latin and funk. Here he plays along with Blink 182's "what's My Age Again" Displaying his physical abilities.



Adi Ranganathan

Adi is a very talented high energy musician that studies both drum kit & piano. He has been studying with me for about 3 years and has been working on hand & foot technique, rudiments, stylistic drum fills, sight reading and an array of style concepts. Adi is playing along with a big band arrangement of "Chameleon"


Jude Magann

Jude is a very naturally talented young musician. He has been studying with me for about 3 years and has been working on hand & foot technique, sight reading, rudiments, drum set independence, drum fills, musical styles, song form and groove. Here he demonstrates his vast musical abilities playing along with Muse's "Time is Running out"

Matt Lucich

"Rob greatly improved my sight reading and hand/foot technique. He also taught me the most important lesson of my career, how to become a professional drummer. I have now performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen, Craig Ferguson, Today Show and I am currently a Los Angeles session drummer. He continues to inspire, cultivate and support me years after my first lesson with him. Thank you bro!"


Vadim Mialik

Vadim is originally from Russia he moved to the states and attended high school in the East Bay before attending UC Berkeley. Vadim has a very nice groove and feel and has been studying hand & feet technique, reading as well as 4 way syncopated swing independence. As of late Vadim has been diving into latin feels. Here he is playing along with the very famous "One Note Samba"


Peter Johnston

Peter is attending USC and is a very ambitious young musician. He gigs regularly with "Dewey and the peoples" and just released the bands debut EP "Righteous Lee" He plans on attending the Musicians Institute in LA. Here is demonstrates this sleek groove, dynamic technique and blazing chops as he plays along with Joshua Redman's "Jazz Crimes"



Dan Chiapelone

Dan is an up and coming young talent and has a great ability for song form. He plays left handed on a right handed set, Dan has been studying with me for about 5 years and has been working through my curriculum. Dan is playing along with a 7/8 groove and Yes's "owner of a lonely heart"


Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy is an incredible person, who possesses deep commitment to the instrument. He's been working on hand & feet technique, rudiments, independence, grooves, time feel and style analysis. Here he plays along with Louis Prima's "Sing Sing Sing"


Eric Miller

Eric is a very gifted mathematical genius. He just graduated high school, after his trip to Japan, will be off to UCSB. He had been studying with me for 5 years and had completed all the Gary Chaffee patterns books and has the ability execute any polyrhythm. Here is demonstrates his right foot rocking moller technique.


Josh Christian

Josh has an amazing natural feel and groove. He has been working on rudiments, reading ,technique ,styles and odd times with me. Josh is playing along with Metalica's"sad but true"



Drake Westphal

Drake is a very gifted and highly intelligent individual. He has been studying with me for about 3 years and has been working on advanced hand, foot technique, advanced snare drum and reading studies. He's also been working on diversity of styles, groove, time keeping and recording techniques. Drake is playing along with Incubus's "Are You In"


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